Life with Spinone

Health Issues

Spinone can develop epilepsy. Image Spinone dogs are not bred before the age of late onset.

Hip and elbow dysplasia; my dogs are clear on hips, elbows, & eyes by parentage.

Spinone do shed.  Not much, but they should be groomed once a week to keep them tidy, plus toes and teeth. They slobber. Beard cleaning once a day is recommended. NEVER shave or clip a Spinone.

Spinone are a very rare breed. It may take up to two years to find a puppy.

Image Spinone Puppies

I breed hunting dogs that are pets. They live in my house and are my companions. They are not kennel dogs.

I raise my litters with Puppy Culture protocols. Puppy Culture provides a well balanced, trainable dog and helps me select the right home.

Puppies come with an AKC limited registration, microchip, and contract. The contract includes a clause stating if at any time you can no longer or are unable to care for this pup you must return the dog to me.                                  

I keep a list of suitable homes for my litters. To be on the list you must understand the above and agree to the following.

I will be selecting the puppy for you. There may be options. If you meet the puppy and do not agree, you don’t have to take that puppy.

Ideally you can make arrangements to see my Spinone prior to being added to the list. If this is not possible we can talk on the phone.

Once you are on the list you are done shopping. That means you are committed to the litter. If you contact another breeder after mutual commitment you will go on another list. We all know each other.  Once the litter is two weeks old, I will contact you and send some pictures. At this time you will be required to deposit an $800 booking fee. The balance of $1200 is due on receipt of the pup. You will arrange to pick up at about nine weeks.